Grocery Items

Get Dinner and Quick Grocery Items in One Go

We'll keep you fed all week

When you're in a hurry but you need to buy groceries for dinner, Honey's Neighborhood Market is here to help. We carry all the grocery basics, so you can knock out your shopping in one go.

Whether you need a quick snack or you're planning dinner, we have you covered. Stop by now to take care of your last minute grocery needs.

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We know how to make grocery shopping convenient. With a quick stop at our neighborhood market, you can:

  • Grab a snack before work with a bag of chips
  • Prep for dinner and pick up some rice and beans
  • Treat yourself to some ice cream after a long day

Our staff is always ready to help you, and we'll make sure you have everything you need. While you're here, you can even take care of dinner by choosing something from our New Orleans Famous Chicken & Seafood menu.

Drop by your local food mart today.